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The Ladder

Industrials next generation in ultra heavy beat


Genres: Industrial / Trance / Electronic

Location: United Kingdom

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4 tracks

Members: Vindicare [ Creator + Harsh vocal + Synths ], Marial-K [Vocals + Concepts], Kätzchen [ Sound Generation + Synths + Additional Vocal ]

The Ladder started as a small side-project from Chester by Adam Milner as a solo project with the intention of fusing together industrial beat with the ambiance of ebm,
Gareth Loki Di-pietro joined the project (a local Artist of the visual side) also with unique ideas of his own that built upon the original form of the ladder. Finally Katrina Angst joined June 2009 to complete the ladder line-up, her skills line within composition on multi-timbral levels and will be working extensively in new ladder material.

Inspired by many things, people, places, situations metaphoric fiction and the general pros and cons of life are just some of what we cover. We write with a vision in mind and combine the incredibly artist minds of Marial K (Gareth Di-Pietro) (Vocals), Vindicare (Addz Milner) and Kätzchen (Katrina Angst).(sound managment and additional vocals) We aim to achieve quality and full artistic communication of our our concepts through this music.




Jul 17, 2008

ladder demo's 2009

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United Kingdom


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