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The Color Of Money


Genres: Rock / Indie / Ambient

Location: Greeley, CO

Stats: 161 fans / 23,042 plays / 20 plays today





4 tracks

Oliver Miguel - Drums
Aaron Hernandez - Guitar
Michael Spear - Bass
David Herrera - Vocals

The music scene had absolutely exploded with a crowded assortment of bands hiding under the banner of indie, alternative, experimental and underground labelings, all in effort to disguise their noise as fresh and innovative. With high school rock bands forming and reforming countless times under new names and synonymous games, it appeared that the music had been lost somewhere. Furthermore, the decline in originality amongst the hardcore music scene had slowly led it to become a cookie cutters dream. With substance and quality dwindling into replacement by pretense and quantity, the desire for lovers of music was beginning to run dry.

The Color Of Money was a 'music' band with substance. They were truly a band that sought to make fresh and innovative music. Rather than being a band of guys who just wanted to be in a band, they were a collection of friends that desired to conceive art in music. Dipping into influences ranging from classic rock, jazz, latin, funk and pop, their sound was one that became hard to pigeon hole. Still, no matter which record rack they happened to be pulling from, the band's steady forte was their erupting energy and emotion--it was clear they weren't the type to stand still.

The Color Of Money's passion for music was evident in the songs they wrote, but more so, in their dramatic live performances. To listen to them on a stereo was a treat in itself, but to hear them live was truly an experience. If you could have seen this band live once... you would have fallen in love.

"...clearly The Color Of Money have a formula that's attracting attention. Hernandez said the Latin-influenced pop rock has drawn comparisons to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Santana and Bloc Party. Through internet promotions, the band has earned fans from Las Vegas to London."
--- Meghan Murphy, Greeley Tribune, September 2007

"...Though they have been together a little longer than a year, the band, which mixes diverse Latin influences with modern day rock trappings, has lofty pursuits that extend way beyond northern Colorado. The Color Of Money is different... they've gelled into a tight-knit unit where everyone contributes. That much is reflected in their music, full of edgy, experimental rock with a Latin twist not unlike Rage Against the Machine or At The Drive-In, but not exactly like it either."
--- Glenn BurnSilver, Next NC, August 2007

"...after losing a founding member in March and winning an online listeners' choice competition, moving forward is the only option... they take that chance to play and play it hard. Herrera plays it hard enough to break a sweat by the second song, Miguel on drums plays it with an unrelenting exhilarated grin, they all play it with a brazen, blazing energy that seems to know what is ahead of them."
--- Pauline, The OverCast.net, July 2007

"...It takes a lot to impress the home town crowd. David tries to get the crowd moving, Aaron pleads with someone to hit him. The crowd moves and responds, something that seems to happen rarely in this dead scene. But in spite of limited reaction they never let up. No talking, little banter just song after song, each one more hyped, more aggressive than the one before it.
--- Gabriel Llanas: PunkHorror Press, June 2007

"They brought with them a metaphysical presence stretching from the green translucent drum set and alternative musical instruments including maracas, to the passionate vocalist pouring all of his energy into each song. He performed with such animated vibrancy that I was ready for the stage to light up in ablaze. His amazingly clear voice resonated through the speakers without falter. 'I am your Siamese and I hate you now because you are just like me.'"
--- MollyE: Molly E's Reviews, May 2007

"El sello diferente de The Color Of Money es que su musica no es 'hard-core'. Queremos crear una vibra mas positiva. La musica que hacen es rock, pero tambien incluyen elementos de samba, hip-hop y ritmos latinos. Hernandez, quien toca la guitarra, dice que siempre tartan de combinar las dos culturas en todo lo que hacen."
--- Riza Falk: La Tribuna, April 2007

"...I thought I was wooed when the lead vocalist started rockin' the tambourine...until he pulled out a cowbell shortly thereafter...and then a set of maracas! ... The band's vigorous energy powers eclectic, addictive fast-paced rock, with traces of everything from punk to progressive to neo-glam to Latin. There's not any one part that I can say stole the set, because this band truly has chemistry and a strong sense in the subtleties of songwriting. See this band live. Period!"
--- The LifeSpot: Pauline's Lifespot Reviews, February 2007


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