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'In the sea of pictures I stand out on your wall'


Genres: Pop Punk / Punk / Other

Location: Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Stats: 940 fans / 90,775 plays / 158 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Ryan Massie - Guitar/Vox, Robert Knight - Guitar/Keys/Vox, Stephen Keith - Bass, David Milne - Drums/Vox

We're Point of Origin - Scotland's most infamous pop/punk/rock band ever. Wow! We don't know if that's true but it certainly sounds good.

Our first gig was in March of 2001. Since then we've supported a few bands you might have heard of like Rooster and Steriogram and those rather nice guys Sugarcult.

With the release of our debut EP, "Swallow This, Punk!" our popularity at home steadily grew, and audiences across the globe were exposed to our music thanks in large part to the help we had from our amazing friends at purevolume. Cheers guys!

About four years ago we decided to call it a day and do other things, but we couldn't make it last. We decided to put the band back together... record some new songs... see if we couldn't get back in touch with our awesome friends and make some new ones along the way.

You can download all our songs for free right here right now. Click on the "album" titles on the right and they're yours! Woop! Woop!

Adios for now,
Point of Origin


  • Esteph said:
    impressive Jul 02
  • Coladitos said:
    not bad Jul 01
  • JustAMistake said:
    Wow I didnt realise you had more songs I could download I was really gutted when I thought you only had 4 and one I was unavailable to download. I'm terrible with this site. But I now have downloaded all your songs!! You are totally amazing!!! Come play in Liverpool :') you're the only band I have really loved on here... And when I saw my email saying you had messaged me on here I was straight on. Anyways i'll stop sounding like a scary fan and wish you the best :) Sep 16
  • lilitaliand23 said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/CUNextTuesday10696 Aug 07
  • quwdutelhefe said:
    Heyy! What's up!? I'm have poppunkhardcoremelodic band called Chicken Men. You should check us out and tell us what you think, and download all song for free! We'd love to talk to :) http://www.purevolume.com/ChickenMe Jun 16
  • JustAMistake said:
    Please put the full verison of Poppy, 18 from somerset on here and make it a free download I LOVEEE YOUR MUSIC Apr 29
  • Tanner said:
    nice Mar 06
  • Andrea kooler said:
    cool!! :-) Jul 24
  • bruccinnim said:
    Check out www.purevolume.com/bruccinni May 23
  • Sean Rad! said:
    i would fuck ur singer hard!!! Apr 22
  • Rogelio Cazares said:
    hey, whats up, congratulations for you music, you really have a great future in music. I thought you might wanna know...there's a contest for professional independent bands and musicians to win a really cool website design. If interested register your band at www.akevia.com/music cheers Apr 14
  • Jugonz said:
    purevolume.com/sugarfreeakashug Apr 06
  • Romeo said:
    dude it is cool! Jan 06
  • Jonny Waffle said:
    Hey, we're The Radioflyer! You guys should check us out at purevolume.com/theradioflyer. Download our free EP, or add us and just stop by for a listen :) Jan 05
  • uncool canadian kid said:
    you're guys are great and I'm glad you got back together and all, but why the name change? I liked Stayover better. Nov 10


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Jan 01, 2005

Swallow This, Punk!

Jan 01, 2003


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