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  • This Providence and Alone at Last Top PV's Weekly Charts

    PureVolume's weekly charts reflect the site's most-played tunes over the course of the previous week. Every Monday morning, the Week tab on our Top Songs page ranks artists by the most-played jams. Our champion chart-toppers from the week of April 9-15 are… Read More »

  • This Providence Premieres New Song "Trouble"

    This Providence aren't messing around with their new single, "Trouble." This massive track sounds custom-made to soundtrack everything from Friday night festivities to spontaneous, summertime adventuring... Read More »

  • This Providence Begin Recording New EP

    This Providence fans, rejoice! The band confirmed on their website, that they started recording a new EP today [March 5]… Read More »

  • This Providence Set to Record New Album

    This Providence confirmed in an interview with Property of Zack that they hope to begin recording a new album next month. Of the album's release, guitarist Gavin Phillips said… Read More »

  • This Providence Cover Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You"

    If you've ever thought to yourself, "Man, I'd love to hear This Providence covering Mariah Carey," then congratulations, sir or madam -- you are a prophet. As of now.… Read More »


"Keeping On Without You"

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http://t.co/02wWxUfV - Push the 'PLAY NOW' button to hear a sample of a new song, "We're All Gonna Die."
about Oct 08 via Twitter
Interested in booking Dan Young to play at your house - email danyoungshows@gmail.com
about Oct 06 via Twitter
Unreleased This Prov song! "We're All Gonna Die" - pay what you want for it, proceeds go to charity and so much more at http://t.co/8M1lvpJN
about Oct 04 via Twitter
Dan will be booking a few house shows in Nashville, TN in November. If interested in setting one up email danyoungshows@gmail.com
about Sep 02 via Twitter
Dan is booking house shows in Illinois & Wisconsin on Sept 14 or Sept 17. Email DANYOUNGSHOWS@GMAIL.COM for more info.
about Aug 31 via Twitter
David's clothing line @mkbelieve just launched a new line today. check it out: http://t.co/PMvYNiv3
about Aug 29 via Twitter
A few days still avail for house shows in Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania & Wisconsin for 9/13-9/18. Email for info - danyoungshows@gmail.com
about Aug 23 via Twitter
Booking a week of house shows in October in California. If interested, email danyoungshows@gmail.com
about Aug 19 via Twitter
Fans in WI, IL, IN, MI & OH - Dan has a few dates left in September for house shows. To book him at your house email DANYOUNGSHOWS@GMAIL.COM
about Aug 17 via Twitter
Fans in the midwest - Dan's got some available dates in your area on 9/13-9/18. To book a house show email DANYOUNGSHOWS@GMAIL.COM
about Aug 14 via Twitter

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  • Musicvilla said:
    marvelous Dec 17
  • MickySingh said:
    mind blowing Sep 15
  • MatthewTweedie said:
    fabulous Sep 15
  • Khushwant said:
    creative Jun 28
  • alliancelimo1 said:
    super composing Apr 29
  • Alliance limo said:
    great work Mar 31
  • Daryl Lee said:
    good job Mar 25
  • singaporepaints said:
    coooool!!!!!!! Mar 24
  • Coladitos said:
    niiiice! Jun 01
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    Good job Danny on the band. Long time no talk. Jul 09
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