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  • Anshar Mohammad Ramdan (ukhel) said:
    you guys are very cool song .. Feb 07
  • YourBiggestFan said:
    Dude, I love you guys. My name is Sam. Aug 03
  • Colemanation said:
    awesome tracks! also, if you like Samiam, you'll love this new band i found www.purevolume.com/roadtobremen they're amazing!! Jun 22
  • Sammie said:
    wow dudes definetly didnt knwo there was a band out named samiam.. lol thats pretty saweet though! Sep 06
  • Primal Enemy 14 said:
    Hey u guys rock! If u can check out the band. PRIMAL ENEMY at purevolume.com/primalenemy Mar 13
  • pogospacemonkey said:
    i just wanted to say THIS BAND IS THE BEST IN THE MOTHERFUCKING WORLD, it sure sounds great with beer. cheers Feb 03
  • bEH said:
    Add Comment here... Jan 19
  • Blondeiamsam said:
    MY NAME IS SAM!!! Sep 19
  • 1 2 3 4........FLIP!!! said:
    Were you joking? I sure hope! Jun 12
  • samiamlova06 said:
    dear sam i am, I\'ve only known you for a few minutes but...i have been listening to you forever, my dad loved u guys when he was in college, he passed on the passion for good music i guess...you\'re new song is almost as good as your old stuff, but...i love it. ur new wave stage totally threw me for a loop. i guess its part of being an extraordinary artist, like when vangogh cut off his ear, its totally the same thing.that riff in the middle, ur like the ressurection of hendrix, or like, are you related to clapton?? i know u r. and those words, hell0? may i introduce the new bob dylan. but then u throw in your soul. its deep like the ocean.like janis joplin in guy form almost but u could totally knock down a room are u irish, like joe cocker, u totally sound like him too. and even marley, gnarly marley, the way u address current issues. way to stick it to the man. let me just say u are on hip hip kid, totally deck. if i saw u on the street man, i know ud be no frado, no frigidair would go ur way, u must get mobbed, how can u leave ur house? and the doc suess movie thing, amazing, way to be subliminal, people thought the beatles masterd it but holy jack! i have to go cut my dog\'s toenails... never stop strumming my friend, peace love and happines - dad says hi Jan 09

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