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Hip Hop / Screamo / Electronic

Albuquerque, NM

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Hit The Lights Pro

Rock / Punk / Emo

Lima, OH

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The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Rock / Post Hardcore / Christian

Middleburg, FL

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Big City Kids Pro

Rock / Electronic

Costa Mesa, CA

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The Maine Pro

Indie / Alternative / Pop

Tempe, AZ

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  • Zac Koval said:
    Hey! I wanted to share some music with you! =] www.purevolume.com/zackoval If you like it become a fan and maybe comment on what you think! Mar 16
  • Missie Cosmah said:
    Hey, I know you probably get a lot of spam and I’m sorry to join in on it but I would REALLY love it if you checked out the musician I manage, he’s indie acoustic pop. He goes by Between Love and Insanity, please check him out and tell me what you think! -Missie Mar 07
  • AnthonyGRIND said:
    Heyyy cutie, my good friend is in a project called Melina May and I'm pretty sure you'll dig his tunes. Some say he sounds like Nevershoutnever, others have said Owl City. Why don't you decide?? Hes new to purevolume and is trying to expand in this purevolume world ;] Thanks for your time. =] www.purevolume.com/melinamay Jan 02
  • Jon Stoddard said:
    Hey Kylie how are you?My name is Jon from Crash Coordinates and I really think you will like our music, we play with a lot of the bands you listen to! So check out our tunes... if you have the guts :D. I promise you will be pleasantly surprised. WE'RE ALSO BEING FEATURED ON THE FRONT PAGE OF PUREVOLUME THIS WEEK :D Leave the band a comment or message and let us know what you think :D www.purevolume.com/crashcoordinates Jul 21
  • Ijhrael Of [Shock At Summer] said:
    Hello Friends !! Download the free song on http://www.purevolume.com/ShockAtSummer Regards .. and enjoy it Jun 18
  • Ijhrael Of [Shock At Summer] said:
    Hello guys check it out it's my project .:) Regards. Shock At Summer ! http://www.myspace.com/shockatsummer Jun 01
  • Sasha Grey said:
    Thought you'de enjoy this song too. I read about Anand Bhatt singing "Hallelujah" on an Oprah/Ellen twitter. I also just saw him on tv on the red carpet with Taylor Swift. Pretty great! http://www.sonicwaveintl.com/anand Feb 19
  • Jackson Wise said:
    Hey whats up!! I'm really diggin your favorite artists!! I listen to the same stuff!!! You should check out my band, Safety Word Orange, i think you could get down with us. We sound similar to some of your favs! We actaully just got out of the studio with Bryan Russell, he produced the most recent Academy Is album. purevolume.com/safetywordorange. Let me know what you think!! THanks -- Jackson Feb 16
  • MullinsCanadian said:
    bahaa you rebel ;p i remember those days Feb 15
  • MullinsCanadian said:
    yaaay :) awe lol thats okay, whyd u get it taken away? Feb 14


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you're a fake b i t c h . Name, Age: Kylie Brianne, 17, Birthday: 1992 December 16, Current Location: Colorado \\im not sure how to describe myself. Reality sucks, dreams make me believe. I dont believe in myself. I wish I could never be interrupted while dreaming. Lyrics explain my entire life. I would be no where without my best friends. They complete me. I cannot stand up for myself. Im clumsy when I see the guy I like stare at me. I act like a dork when hes walking near me. I look down at my feet, and twist my foot when hes talking to me. I cant make eye contact. I fall for stupid traps. Im gullible. Rumors are all about me. I would rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who Im not. Im not what you think I am. Im different. Im not a gorgeous, blonde-highlighted hair, white teeth girl. I have ways to show my love for the people I adore. Im shy, get use to it. Three words to describe me: Im not perfect. \\Theres this guy named Tom. Hes an amazing friend, I swear. Hes been there for me whenever I needed him. And when I was alone; I knew he would be waiting for me. We have known each other for almost three years. We met on this one site called Piczo. We made fun of each other, day and night. We fought over the stupidest things. Then laughed about them forty-eight hours later. We communicate with smileys. Hes hot. [;D] hotter than the sidewalk on a summer-98-degree day. Hes everything a girl could ask for. Any girl would be lucky to have him. One word to describe him is: "amazingfantasticadorablefunnylovingboy" I have never given up on him as my best friend. I trust him with all my heart. Hes one I can turn my back on and not get stabbed later on in life. We would be the kind of friends who would sit in the back of the theater and throw popcorn at kissing couples. Laugh in awkward silences, and dance at the most random times. I could talk to this kid for hours. Our record? 4:45 in the morning. Psh. Beat that. Well, I think 217 words are enough to describe this boy. [: only 3 words to sum this up: I love him.

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