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Advantages of broadband internet

The following is a list of advantages of using broad band internet services:

1. Very fast speeds

provides greater bandwidth compared to other internet communication methods like satellite communication and dial-up. This translates to higher download and upload speeds making Broad Internet a suitable choice when it comes to downloading big files from the internet, video and audio conferencing, on line game playing and on line video watching.
The speeds available on broadband depends on the internet package plan that the user has subscribed to, low priced package plan have slow connection speeds so if one wants high data transfer speeds they have to go deep into their pockets and pay more to get better service.

2. It is very portable

Another great advantage of broadband is that it can be used anywhere and anytime. Unlike dial-up connection which requires huge and heavy equipment to function, broadband modems are usually small and light making them easy to carry around and they do not require external power source one just plugs it into the computer and it is ready for use .

3. Easy to use

Unlike dial up and satellite internet communication which take a long time to set up and connect broadband modem is very easy to use and one can get on line very fast.

4. It can be used on multiple devices

Broadband connection can be shared by multiple devices at the same time unlike dial-up connection whereby only one device can be used at a time with broad band one can use the phone while surfing the internet even if they share the same Internet Service Provider.

5. Low interference

Broadband signals tend not to be affected by adverse weather conditions such as rain, wind, snow, hurricanes etc. Therefore one is guaranteed of high internet speeds unlike satellite communication which is highly affected by the prevailing weather condition.

6. Does not make use of telephone lines

Unlike dial-up which makes use of a shared telephone line and there is a high probability of getting technical errors like "Line busy" broadband which uses wireless transmission to exchange data.

7. It is here to remain

Broadband technology is a technology which keeps on advancing with time and keeps getting better and better. This ensures that it survives the test of time and remain alive unlike dial-up which is static and is slowly dying off.

8. 24/7 access

Broadband is always available 24/7, one just needs to connect their modem to the computer in order to go on line.

9. Fixed billing system

Broadband charges and fees are usually fixed and are not based on a time. Different access providers provide different fixed payment methods some offer weekly, some monthly and some yearly. This gives the subscriber peace of mind because they don't have to be time cautious every time they log in.

10. Lower charges

Compared to dial-up and satellite communication broadband is cheaper in terms of installation fee, purchase of equipment and payment plans. In the case of satellite communication one needs to buy a satellite dish and a satellite modem which are quite expensive whereas for broadband one just needs a broadband modem and you are good to go and the payment plans are very flexible.

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