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Brendan Frett


Genres: Indie / Alternative / Emo

Location: Chicago, IL

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Brendan Frett

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Fueled by a genuine love of music and his curious nature, Brendan Frett picked up his first guitar at the age of 12. He grew up with a very supportive family in Chicago, Illinois that helped nuture and move his music forward. Initially discouraged by a voice teacher who said his voice was "not acoustic", Brendan continued on to write over 50 songs and lend his talent to entertaining people all over the greater Chicago area. His natural, seemingly effortless talent graced the campus of The College of Wooster in Ohio, in the fall of 2005 and has been gaining a steady fan base at the college through live shows and the sale of his newest album, "Sci Fi Fairy Tales." It being his 4th recorded album, "Sci Fi Fairy Tales" really showcases the evolution and growth of his sound. A few tracks of the cd even made it past The Goliard's (The College of Wooster's art magazine) rigorous selection process to be featured in the annual edition in 2006. His stand out talent can be seen on this and his other albums through the writing, recording, producing and mixing that Brendan does himself. Keep listening.


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  • Abbiee said:
    :), Weirdly soothing Jan 21
  • The Obscurity said:
    dude, YES! you do not know how long I've been looking for an artist exactly like you, perfect mellow out music, I love it Jul 01
  • Anne said:
    wow, you are fantastic! (& dont worry, my voice teacher downed me to about my voice) Jul 20
  • Too Cute for You 159 said:
    Wow, you are really good! Dec 14
  • SuckMyLeftOne said:
    I love how mellow your music sounds. It sorta reminds me a combination of Sufjan Stevens, Kings of Convenience, and Jose Gonzalez. It\'s lovely... Jan 04
  • jmohr said:
    Yeah your pretty much amazing... nice Oct 18
  • AnotherApology said:
    Your voice is so beautiful, i cried the first time i heard it keep doing what your doing, because its great! Oct 04
  • callybyrne said:
    i love the new song Aug 10
  • said:
    love your new song. =] Aug 07
  • Ed Martig said:
    hey brendan whats up? just saw you on pure vol. i was just wondering if you saw me at the last guard party? you should really bring your guitar tonight... hopefully you got some new fresh hits. well see you soon. Ed Jul 12
  • thane22 said:
    Hey I dig the music. keep up the good stuff Jun 01
  • canyoublameherr said:
    You\'re really talented. :) I really enjoy listening to your songs. May 26
  • said:
    i really like you and your music. i just found you on here, i dont remember where exactly but your good. you should come to chicago. May 25
  • xXxdarkpantherxXx said:
    I love you! Your music is so awesome and I think you rock. Great voice. May 06
  • RockMxPxPunk said:
    darling, if you ever need backup female vocals or keyboards, gimme a holler! you are FABULOUS! jack johnson should be jealous... Apr 29

Sci-Fi Fairytales

Dec 15, 2006

Winter of Discontent

May 30, 2005

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