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Crippled Management

I need a new band


Genres: Rock / Punk / Other

Location: Plano, TX

Stats: 0 fans / 0 plays / 0 plays today


Members: Pas-T [guitar/vocals] (Chloe Waite) and DeeDee Rotten [bass/vocals] (Spencer Read) and Alister Bonaparte [manager/performer/namesake] (Cameron Alexander Booth Rothchild)

The band is, for right now, just Pas-T (pronounced like pasty) and I, that is, DeeDee Rotten, but we are looking for a drummer. Just hit up my facebook page under the name Spencer Read and I'll give you my number so we can be in touch. Our namesake is our manager Alister Bonaparte. God bless him because he has to put up with Pas-T and myself. He is a kickass manager and will feature in most if not all of our art. Like I said, we need a drummer who is in it for fun (although cash later when we play shows is a definite possibility) and who is at least semi-decent. Keep in touch.

I love punk rock, so if you know any good bands to check out just give us a shout out and we'll check 'em out.