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  • maskedfreedom said:
    helllloooo. :] how are you? Apr 22
  • ryaneatsairplane said:
    this is sweet. way to go May 13
  • L.06.O.08.V.09.E. said:
    You guys are AMAZING!! Haha--- Keep rocking!! Come to NJ or NY!! -Maria- Apr 20
  • phixMEup said:
    does my nails match your clothes??^^ Apr 03
  • phixMEup said:
    u rock my nails guys ^^ Apr 03
  • Snakehips said:
    Sinners lose their legs is awesome! I LIKE! Feb 12
  • SpenceR said:
    you guys r amazing ! :D Nov 28
  • Alicia said:
    great music =] Oct 17
  • bamsRACHELShottie [[notyours]] said:
    Come to houston!!!! Aug 04
  • |) A |\| i said:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHzHvbH8vgg i made a video using your song, night to remember =] Jun 27
  • madisonn>>:] said:
    hhheeeyyy !!! me and mi friends met nathan at six flags and u gave us a demo..realay good ..u guys rock!!! mi friend danni>>>c: was there too..she already left u a message !!! i luv u guys...nathan is the best..no affence...u guys r much better than all tim low!!!! :) bye!!! Jun 06
  • danni>>> c: said:
    heyy. i was at six flags today... are the guys who gave me the demo in this band? my friends and i aree pretty much in love with you now. haha. you guys said you were like all time low but i think ur betterr:]. cyuhhh kidds. Jun 04
  • http://www.myspace.com/taylortangible add me! said:
    HEY !!! OXMGX i might gett to see u guys this weekend in st louis !!! totally coolness!!! see u there ! =D Mar 26
  • ~Angel~ said:
    Mar 23
  • Jeff Schultz said:
    I'm looking for music for a documentary film I am producing. I'm in the final editing process and need some good music. Link to my blog below and leave a comment on my latest post if you are interested. http://jeffschultz.wordpress.com Mar 08
  • jayjayradiokilla said:
    Pack It Up is a AMAZING song. Feb 23
  • fickshonal said:
    Hey guys. I\'m from St. Louis. Just found you tonight. Can\'t wait to see you either at Creepy Crawl or at 2 Cents Plain (never heard of this one...). Byes for now. Feb 03
  • animenerd69 said:
    You guys rock! PACK IT UP and Night to Remember OMG! You should put up a download for the other two songs =] Jan 18
  • bitchplz said:
    You guys are amazing. \"Night To Remember\" is orgasmic. =D Dec 28
  • imatworldsend said:
    omg you guys are AWESOME!! Dec 16